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Explore our comprehensive suite of tools for CRM management, project collaboration, marketing automation, and more—designed to elevate every aspect of your operations.

Instant Content Creation

Effortlessly generate custom images, videos, and text at the speed of thought. Unlock creative possibilities with the most powerful models avaliable.


I want to generate an image of two people, fighting outside a bar. They fight to the core. Once they're done, they sit down and drink beer.

Certainly, I'm generating this picture for you in a while. BTW are you talking about THAT movie?


I don't know what you're talking about.

Are you sure?


Yes, I'm sure. But if you're generating that scene, make sure the fighters have clown shoes and rubber chickens instead of fists!

Affirmative, here's your image.


Create chatbots tailored to your business

Create Chatbots with a single button click. Customize as per your requirements and the AI will take care of the rest.

Hello! Can you tell me how Daduh can optimize my business?
Sure! There are many ways Daduh AI can help your business achieve efficient workflows. Could you tell me a little bit more about your business?
Yeah, I own a small personal training business here in the DMV.
That's definitely something we can help with! Could you tell me a bit more about the software you currently use?
We're a relatively new business so we're open to suggestions. Are there any tools and software you'd recommend to help us get started.
Understood, here's a detailed overview on some tools our team uses that will help you scale your business:
Optimized Personal Training Business Operation Overview

We support every single LLM

Whether it's OpenAI, GroQ or Your Mom's Basement LLM, we support everything.



Groq LLM

23rd March


21st March

Stable DIffusion

3rd May

Llama 2

1st April

Claude 200k

2nd June

Deploy in seconds

With our blazing fast, state of the art, cutting edge, we are so back cloud servies (read AWS) - you can deploy your model in seconds.

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DockerDigital Oceanfile_type_tailwindTailwind CSSFramer MotionRedis Vercel AWS GitHub
DockerDigital Oceanfile_type_tailwindTailwind CSSFramer MotionRedis Vercel AWS GitHub
Code-Smart Platform

Tailored for the creative minds of developers and engineers who shape the future.

Effortless Integration

Utilize our solutions with ease, designed to be as straightforward as they are powerful.

Transparent Pricing

Experience unmatched value with clear, upfront pricing—no surprises, just savings.

Always On Service

Our infrastructure ensures your business never skips a beat with a guaranteed 100% uptime.

Scalable Architectures

Scale efficiently with our flexible, multi-tenant systems that grow with your business needs.

24/7 AI Support

Our AI-driven support is on standby round the clock to help keep your operations smooth.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Confident in our solutions, first month is on us so you can be as sure as we are.

All-level Automation

From strategy to implementation, we deliver comprehensive automation solutions across all fronts.

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